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August 25, 2016

Rowdy Rollerz 1.0
Rowdy Rollerz is a game where you control the world itself, and have to handle that omni-potent control to steer a ball from its source to its target.
Posted: 17:15:01 | License: FreeWare | Size: 10.3 Mb | More In This Category ...

The goal of the game is to kill all the numbers before they reach the heart in the right side of the screen. Each round, you will get new money and maybe new towers.
Posted: 17:14:44 | License: FreeWare | Size: 991 Kb | More In This Category ...

This is a 1 or 2 player snowboardgame with 3 different tracks, and 2 practice tracks.
Posted: 17:14:30 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.05 Mb | More In This Category ...

Snowboard Santa 1.2
This is a fun & simple game for kids & older!
Posted: 17:13:45 | License: FreeWare | Size: 2.21 Mb | More In This Category ...

Brad & Roxy's Amazing Downhill 1.1c
There's nothing more challenging that outskiing a yeti on a hoverboard.
Posted: 17:12:53 | License: FreeWare | Size: 5.8 Mb | More In This Category ...

Snowys Escape
A cute sidescroller with a Christmas theme. Nice music and good graphics.
Posted: 17:12:19 | License: FreeWare | Size: 2.22 Mb | More In This Category ...

Fowl Words 3.12
A new barnyard game between you and seven hens. Each hen bears a letter that you must use to spell as many words as you can before time runs out.
Posted: 17:12:04 | License: FreeWare | Size: 6.13 Mb | More In This Category ...

Jigetiser Xmas Gifts 3 - Snowmen
A Jigetiser jigsaw puzzle is very simple to use. It can be played with the mouse. You drag and drop with the left and can rotate the pieces with the right mouse key.
Posted: 17:11:51 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.81 Mb | More In This Category ...

Sudoku Countdown 1.0
How good are you at Sudoku? You can find out on this time based version without turning over an hour glass.
Posted: 17:11:39 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.91 Mb | More In This Category ...

Mouse Throwing 1.0
Throw a mouse in the air and watch how far it bounces. Good fun for feline lovers.
Posted: 17:11:25 | License: FreeWare | Size: 2.09 Mb | More In This Category ...

Swistakowy Klopot 1.0
It is a simple puzzle game with the objective to get to the exit door. There are no enemies or monsters, just only boxes to assist you to the exit. Game is in English
Posted: 17:11:02 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.22 Mb | More In This Category ...

Codename Countdown
With 5 challenging levels, loads of graphical effects, fully 3D landscape, and realistic audio effects, this game is one of Trek's best productions up to this point.
Posted: 17:10:41 | License: FreeWare | Size: 23.7 Mb | More In This Category ...

The object of the game is to get batteries to recharge all the packing machines and then go to the elevator.
Posted: 17:10:27 | License: FreeWare | Size: 5.76 Mb | More In This Category ...

Tower Time 2
A Sim Tower Simulation. Build a giant tower, while building rooms and gaining population to make it to the top of the online high scores list
Posted: 17:10:15 | License: FreeWare | Size: 1.77 Mb | More In This Category ...

August 24, 2016

Pin Headz Bowling
A very nice Flash bowling game
Posted: 16:46:22 | License: Freeware | Size: 98 Kb | More In This Category ...

Treasure Tower 1.0
Treasure Tower is a fast-paced platform game that features over 200 rooms in 26 courses.
Posted: 16:45:58 | License: Freeware | Size: 4.29 Mb | More In This Category ...

A very nice RPG game
Posted: 16:45:27 | License: Freeware | Size: 3.05 Mb | More In This Category ...

Gem Towers
A 3D Gem of a Freeware game to play
Posted: 16:45:02 | License: Freeware | Size: 3.74 Mb | More In This Category ...

Arrow Ball
In this game you have to think twice before you click with the mouse.
Posted: 16:44:21 | License: Freeware | Size: 3.76 Mb | More In This Category ...

Blobs Slow
Push blocks around to trap the evil Blobs
Posted: 16:43:55 | License: Freeware | Size: 2.34 Mb | More In This Category ...

The Silver Lining - Part 1 The Shadows Demo RC1
The Silver Lining is the fan-designed ninth episode inspired by the King's Quest series.
Posted: 16:43:30 | License: Freeware | Size: 75.9 Mb | More In This Category ...

Wally: Land of the Wallows 1.4
Guide Wally through 41 levels of puzzles and action.
Posted: 16:43:00 | License: Freeware | Size: 2.02 Mb | More In This Category ...

Rainbow Wars
Rainbow Wars is a fast-paced, retro-styled shooter with separate movement and firing controls.
Posted: 16:42:33 | License: Freeware | Size: 2.14 Mb | More In This Category ...

The Last Turkey in Town
Pelt the Turkey with snowballs
Posted: 16:42:03 | License: Freeware | Size: 263 Kb | More In This Category ...

Bowser's Revolution 1.0
This is a Mario fan-game with a twist.
Posted: 16:40:59 | License: Freeware | Size: 1.09 Mb | More In This Category ...

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