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Space Spartans
Category: Classic
Author: Lysozyme | Size: 2.72 Mb | Version:
Requires: Win All | License: Freeware | Date: 2016-07-20
Downloaded: 2799 Times

ScreenShots: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4

Download Locations:

Download Space Spartans

In 480 B.c. at Thermopylae, the strategic narrow pass into Greece, a small cohort of 300 Spartan soldiers lined up and squared off against a massive 600,000 man Persian army. The Spartans got their butts handed to them, of course, but it bought the Greeks enough time to prepare a counterattack. Space Spartans replays this scenario in space, with you and your sole space fighter againts ever
more overwhelming alien odds (not like you'd have it any other way!)

The game is played in rounds, which end when either you or all aliens and alien starbases are destroyed. Game play occurs both on the starmap and at the cockpit of your ship.


At the title screen, you will choose your starting game speed. Game speed affects how fast repairs occur, rate of energy consumption, and speed of alien movement and ship construction. More on that later.


ESC Quit
UP ARROW Accelerate
DOWN ARROW Decelerate

1 Battle Computer
2 Tracking Computer
3 Impulse Drive
4 Shields
5 Hyper Drive
6 All Systems

R Repair On/Off
O System On/Off
S System Status
N Number of aliens in quadrant
E Ship Energy Level
P Pause game

Mouse Steer ship, move starmap cursor
L mouse button Fire
SPACE Switch Starmap/Space Battle, and vice versa
also place starbases on map at start of round


The starmap shows the locations of your ship, your starbases, alien fleets, alien starbases, scoring, and game round. Colored squares represent alien fleets, while colored squares with BLACK starbase symbols represent alien starbases (and your primary targets). The square's color will tell you how many aliens are in the sector. It is
possible for more than one alien fleet to occupy the same sector.

Green - 1-4 aliens
Yellow - 5-8 aliens
Orange - 9-16 aliens
Red - 17-32 aliens
Purple - more than 32 aliens

Your starbases are TAN symbols. You start the game with 3 starbases, each with 255 shield units. They must be placed on the map at the start of each round. You may not place more than one starbase in a sector, or place it where there is already an alien starbase. It is not recommended you place a starbase in a sector with an alien fleet, for
obvious reasons!

Where is your ship? Just look for the small rotating ship model.

The first round starts with 3 alien starbases, 3 player starbases, and 3 independent alien battle fleets.

Once starbases are placed, the SHIP'S COMPUTER greets you. The battle is on!

Alien fleets will advance to either your ship or your starbases, depending on which is closer. If both are equal distance, they will go for the starbase. Their rate of speed depends on the game speed chosen.
Alien starbases DO NOT MOVE, but may build ships and/or discharge new fleets! Knock them out by destroying their defending alien fleet!

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